Welcome to Pop Up! Scotland: an organisation made up of a quirky mix of creatives and organisers who all share a passion for promoting arts engagement throughout Scotland.

The first question most people ask is 'what is Pop Up! Scotland'? We're a community interest company that collaborates with artists to turn great ideas into a reality. We specialise in providing original content for events and festivals, as well as running our own original Pop Up! Scotland events.

We’re always looking to collaborate with artists, galleries, businesses, individuals, governments, local groups, and anyone else who can’t resist a little magic and creativity. We believe increased arts accessibility and outreach will only come from working together.

As a social enterprise, all the work we do is centred around our five core values. Working alongside artists and companies, we foster creative opportunities and talent in and around Scotland in order to create a lasting cultural impact.


We've gained a lot of experience in this field and built up an extensive network of contacts from the variety of events we've hosted in the past. Here are a few examples of our previous projects, which offer a flavour of what we can provide and the opportunity to see some examples of what Pop Up! Scotland gets up to. While some of these events were 'one-offs', some are still up-and-running - keep an eye out for them Popping Up! somewhere near you soon.


Colour the Sky 2015

What's On

Find out what events we have on and how to book tickets!

We have an ever-changing repertoire of events, from our weekly Pub Craft Club sessions to our unDependance film festival and collaborations such as our Open Studio events - the best way to keep abreast of what's going on is by visiting our ticketing page, or by checking our social media for updates!

Working Together

 At Pop Up! Scotland, we aim to be the bridge between different creative spheres. We understand that the commercial and art worlds can and should be intertwined; our core values centre around instigating fair collaboration between artists and businesses.
With this ethos in mind, we offer unique marketing solutions and original content for a range of events, festivals and companies in and around Scotland.
 Our portfolio of artists deliver a wide range of workshops, from craft-making activities to theatre and performance pieces, to creative writing sessions. All Pop Up! Scotland output is tailored to the energy and branding of its environment, and provides participants with an engaging, memorable experience - plus something to take home with them, that is partly their own creation and partly a gift from the hosts.
We pride ourselves on our flexibility and adaptability and can design a package based on your specific needs as an event organiser. We offer three core services, through which we strive to both provide value and create a social impact: 

Festival & Event Support

Looking for original content and a marketing boost for your event or festival? We can help, with a plethora of workshops, arts events, exhibitions on offer. Whether you’re a long-established event looking for something new or just starting out with a fledgling project that you want to create a buzz around on social media, we have something for you. Our artists can deliver one of their many existing workshop options, or create something totally unique and tailored for your event.
Give your event’s programme an edge with original Pop Up! Content.

Event Management & Collaboration

We’re well-versed in all aspects of running art events. If you are looking to partner with Pop Up! Scotland to produce your own event or would like to run an event through us, we’re happy to help. We put existing art groups in touch with relevant companies, and can find a home for events and artistic ventures. Being a bridge is what we’re all about!

Creative Consultation

We know it’s not always easy to get projects off the ground and reach the people who need it most, and we’re here to help. Even if you’re not looking to use one of our services, one of our directors is always open to meeting for a coffee and recommending resources to get started with.

Our Values

Our Team

Anne Rushing | Pop Up! Scotland Creative Director

Creative Director, Fearless Leader
Anne started Pop Up! Scotland after getting her MFA in Glass at Edinburgh College of Art. Before that, this cheeky American worked for glass artist Stephen Rolfe Powell, made her own art work, worked for an assortment of small business doing bookkeeping, and got her joint degree (double major for you Americans) BA from Centre College in History and Studio Art.

Alan Page-Duffy | Pop Up! Scotland Project Director

Alan started out with Pop Up! Scotland 3 years ago as an volunteer invigilator. After doing some travelling and picking up a law degree he has now returned to Pop Up! to help us develop our business  model and bring some of his organisation skills to the table.

Kate Walmsley | Marketing and Business Development intern

Kate returned to her hometown of Edinburgh having completed a BA in Spanish and Politics at the University of Bristol. She is currently our Marketing and Business Development intern, and is currently working on expanding Pop Up!’s arts agency division.

Carys Evans | Un*Dependnece Project Manager

Carys could no longer ignore the call of her Scottish roots, and so made the journey north to study a Masters in Film, Exhibition and Curation at the University of Edinburgh (following in fabulous, and large footsteps). Diving head first into the thriving film festival scene in Edinburgh, whilst also making time for plenty of whisky drinking and vegetarian haggis consumption, Carys has been involved in events and projects that have introduced her to filmmakers, and curators from all over

Nina Schildhauer | Un*Dependnece Project Curator

Having graduated from Lueneburg University in Culture, Arts and Media (M.A.) with a focus on film, Nina went on to complete the Film, Exhibition and Curation MSc the University of Edinburgh. She worked on several festival screening projects for the Glasgow and Edinburgh International Film Festival. After graduation, she decided to co-found the Un*Dependnece Film Festival together with Anne Rushing and PopUp! Scotland in Edinburgh and in Glasgow. She is currently also working in film production and working on a new screening project.

Detelina Garbatova  | Pop Up! Scotland Project Manager

Having graduated in Cultural Studies BA (Hons) in her home country Bulgaria, Detelina went on to complete a postgraduate degree in Arts, Festival and Cultural Management from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. After graduating, she immersed herself in Edinburgh’s vast festival scene through working with various art projects. Detelina draws her inspiration from asking the right questions to creative individuals, which she owes to her experience as art journalist and reviewer.