Here's a little taster of some of Pop Up! Scotland's projects and collaborations both past and present. Whether you're an artist, event or festival organiser or simply interested in what we get up to here at Pop Up! Scotland, have an explore below and see what sparks your interest...  

Pub Craft Club

Pub Craft Club brings art to the unexpected place of... the pub. With a different programme of craft workshops each week, you're bound to find something that floats your boat.

Every Tuesday – 18:30-20:30pm – Paradise Palms, Edinburgh 41 Lothian Street, EH1 1HB
Previous workshops include: Book Binding, Screen Print Making, Silver Ring Making, 'Make Your Own Monster', Wonderful World of Watercolour, Rubber Stamp Making, Origami Gift Boxes... 

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unDependence Film Festival

unDependence film festival was born out of the creative spirit that arose all over Scotland during the autumn of 2014. By showcasing films which explore ideas of dependency and what it means to be an individual in a dynamic society, we aim to keep the unDependent spirit alive and trigger (e)motions in our audience...

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You Me Mory

You Me Mory is a series of thematically linked creative workshops aimed at fostering community and support networks for immigrants and refugees in Scotland. Encompassing puppetry, storytelling,  theatre and other creative practices, You Me Mory's workshops explore questions about identity, home and integration.

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Epic Chalk Day

Epic Chalk Day is free fun and creativity for families and children of all ages. Held on sunny-Sundays approximately every second month (depending on the season), Epic Chalk Day is a pop-up event currently held at Inverleith Park with a pleasantly relaxed vibe.  At Epic Chalk Day, you can try your hand at chalking on the main paths of the park, painting in the 'Artzone', jamming with our musicians in the 'Music Zone', or you can do your face up (or someone else's!) with the make-up provided at our Do-It-Yourself Face Painting' station. A tea and coffee station is also set up to keep your creative energy flowing through the afternoon!

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The Great Scottish Make Off

The Great Scottish Make Off is an interactive art event unlike any other. We are exploring how artists work within limitations. Restrictions include: time, material, and tools, but the ultimate product is limited only by their imagination.

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Open Studio

Open Studio offers a relaxed, inclusive space to those looking to tap into their creative expression. We provide easels, drawing boards, art supplies on tap, books, Open Studio playlists... This is a place where professionals and amateurs, artists and audiences unite to provide fresh insights, energy and perspectives to one another. Come along to create, consume and communicate.

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Insider:Land 2016

Pop Up Scotland delivered a day of linocut printmaking to celebrate the spirit of Hogmanay! We met with the Insider team  and local artists to design the perfect experience for Insiderland visitors. We designed and cut a series of linoprint blocks highlighting Insider's Strathspey Safari.  with interchangeable pieces featuring different animal prints, images, and of course the Strathspey Safari logo itself. Visitors got to experiment with lino in an easy and memorable way, selecting their own unique pattern combination, colour: in the end taking home their own handmade print at the end of the festival!


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the Nth Degree

Our first exhibition of 2014. Our first with our new name. AND our first with our amazing new team. Enough about us, how about the artists from across Scotland who exhibited with us for a month in one of Edinburgh's busiest venues: Ocean Terminal. The exhibition featured illustration, textiles, glass, jewellery, sculpture, installations, and work that defies definition. Some things glowed (glew?), some things growled, and some things begged to be touched.

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Color The Sky

In July 2015, Pop Up! Scotland invited the Edinburgh community to be a part of a special performance art event. Local artists, independent businesses and local residents came together on the Meadows at 5pm and became creatives for a night, armed with a single biodegradable balloon...

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Grow! was Pop Up! Scotland's pilot exhibition. Drawing on the creative spirit of Edinburgh's August festival season, the show brought together glass artists with a connection to the city. A range of innovative glass work hopped off its plinth and into the unique environment of the glasshouses at Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden.

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Here We are at home

We are celebrating the year of Scottish Homecoming with an exhibition of work celebrating Scottish artists and those who have chosen to call Caledonia home. This is a temporary exhibition in Edinburgh's Ocean Terminal  Shopping Centre and is featuring high end art work, custom made "affordable art", innovative workshops and unique installations. The artists are taking ownership of this event and are be key participants in the organising and directing the vision of the exhibition.

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