The Great Scottish Make Off

GSMO-FBCall for Artists – The Great Scottish Make Off – by Pop Up! Scotland (Fringe 2016)

What is the Great Scottish Make Off?Main Event | Mini-Makers Market | Workshop information

Location: Edinburgh – C Venues South | Dates: Edinburgh – 5-12 August 2016

For the second consecutive year in Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, Pop Up Scotland’s Great Scottish Make Off (GSMO) will take place in the summer 2016. We’ll be showcasing artists as Exhibitors for our speedy Mini-Market, instructors in unique hands on workshops, and, of course, show case participants in the main event itself.

What is The Great Scottish Make Off?

Think of the bits of your favourite reality cooking competition and replace food with art, then throw yourself into the middle and make it a festival and you’ve got The Great Scottish Make Off. It will be coming to you in person during the Edinburgh Fringe. It includes part competition, part exhibition, part hands on workshop, and part sheer creative madness.

For the Make Off itself, Artists will be selected as the contestants and will be given  materials, the theme “Inner Peace/Inner Demons”, and a day to create a work in a friendly “competition”. The international community visiting the Fringe will be along to watch, and we’ll be offering a chance for anyone and everyone to get involved by shopping at artist stalls, having their own mini-make off workshops, and enjoying live entertainment in our festival atmosphere. It’s all about engaging local communities, highlighting local artists, and introducing more people to the benefits of creativity.

Our objective is to provide a showcase for a wide diversity of arts and artists, crafts and craftspeople as part of the world’s largest music and arts festival.

The Great Scottish Make Off is for everyone with an interest in art and craft, and we want to reach out to those who don’t think creativity is for them.

The Great Scottish Make Off – Main Event Participants

Under the general theme Inner Peace/ Inner Demons, we address an open invitation to artists of various mediums and techniques that are interested in participating in this year’s project. It is an original artistic event based on the ideas of cultural exchange and the exposition of artistic production as a process. The participating artists shall create works in situ, in a specially prepared studio at C Venues, open to the public and subsequently their creations will be presented at the group exhibition Inner Peace/ Inner Demons in Edinburgh.

The main aim of the group is to present all the stages of the artistic process, from the conception of the creative idea to the final result, the exhibition and the “offering” of the work to the spectator’s critical eye. The basic concept of the project (Inner Peace/ Inner Demons), takes as its starting point the inner artistic journey characterised by contrasts, while at the same time it can be interpreted as a critical comment on the contemporary era of differences and of the continuous struggle between “good and evil”.


Location: C Venues South at Lutton Place (Edinburgh)
– Exploration, inspiration, and planning – morning until 1pm.
– Making: 4-5 hours in the after noon.

Materials and tools: To create an interactive event on a variety of levels, artists will also explore part of the city before they begin creating and will be given a budget of £10 to select an object or objects of any type to include in the piece. Participants will be encouraged to engage with the festival goers, tweet and instagram the journey of inspiration and development during the morning before spending 4-5 hours in the afternoon creating the work.

  • Some basic art supplies and building materials will be provided, based on donations, artists are welcome to suggest and request materials and tools
  • Artists can bring what fits in a rucksack (Ryanair carryon size) of their own materials or tools to use in the project.
  • Artists will be provided £10 the morning of to buy any special addition discovered during their exploration of the city to be used in the work.
  • We will send out a confirmation of most materials available before hand, you are not required to use everything provided but must use some of it.
  • The finished piece should not be larger than 1 cubic meter.