Open Studio

Pop Up! Scotland is proud to support another locally run arts group:

Open Studio.

Open Studio offers a relaxed, inclusive space to those looking to tap into their creative expression. We provide easels, drawing boards, art supplies on tap, books, Open Studio playlists... This is a place where professionals and amateurs, artists and audiences unite to provide fresh insights, energy and perspectives to one another. Come along to create, consume and communicate.
Open Studio also play host to weekend events, with gorilla performances from actors and musicians: Open Studio muses. edEnlightenYoga has also found a home here, offering the perfect opportunity to relax, release and unwind.
Keep checking back for Open Studio updates!

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Free/donation based class. Mats provided.
Vinyasa Yoga Asana taps into your intuitive, creative body.

DISRUPT your Mind’s habitual patterns by creatively exploring your body’s unique mechanics.

Start with a breath meditation to tune out and create the space for something new to emerge.
Then, ease in with Sun Salutations. Follow with Standing sequences, playfully exploring hip-openings to unleash our creative energetic centre: Svadisthana Chakra (Yogi’s subtle body’s swirling vortex of Energy).
A meditative balancing sequence optimises concentration and an adventurous back-bending flow disinhibits our creativity. Wrap up with soothing forward folds and galvanise in shavasana.

Come join us this weekend the 27th to 29th of August 2016 at C south, Lutton Place, Edinburgh!