Colour the Sky – Edinburgh


The original Project:

We can’t wait for you to participate in our project. Want to carry a balloon to float above you? You can reserve one or more balloons for a donation of £3 or more. If you book in advance, we’ll even through in an extra balloon! This donation goes to support our projects which support local artists and arts opportunities in Scotland.

Be an artist with a single balloon and be a part of a special performance-art event where local artists, and the Edinburgh community will come together to decorate the sky over our heads with balloons. We’ve done a bit of research on the topic, so please don’t let go! Instead, move around the meadows creating colourful patterns in the air above you.

s1Come support local artists, local business, and local social enterprise by making participating in our massive performance art event. You’ll become one of many artists who will work together to change the colour of the sky and in doing so, help Pop Up! Scotland create more opportunities for creativity in Edinburgh and Scotland.

Come down to the Meadows and be a art of this unique evening. Even if you don’t buy a balloon, you can come down and find a fun selection of independent pop up shops displaying their unique products. Relax and enjoy free and energetic yoga classes or be part of a series of unique sewing workshops where you can test your craft skills by creating something fun.

Meet us at Pavilion Cafe after 5 pm, lay your blankets, fire up your BBQ and bring anything else to make your evening even more enjoyable. While laying in the sun, let the local DJ heroes set the right mood for this spectacular evening ahead.


Event info and details:

⚫ Meeting point:

⚫ We will provide you with the balloons at the location for a cost of £3 each (£10 for 4 balloons). All profits from the balloons will go back into supporting local artists and arts through Pop-up Scotland’s continued efforts.

Pre book your balloons and get an extra baloon 🙂

⚫Our balloons are strictly made out of bio degradable – environment friendly material, no latex or plastic will be used. We’ll be creating art in the air with different colours and heights. Please don’t let go!

⚫ Event starts at 5 pm

⚫ Yoga classes start at: 6 pm & 8 pm (donation based)
→ Yoga Mix

⚫ Sewing workshops start at 6 pm by Say It Ain’t Sew. Say It Ain’t Sew is a free weekly sewing and craft class in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
“We have been teaching people to sew since 2010 and pride ourselves on being free, fun and for complete beginners.
Being the only free sewing class in Scotland, our mission is to make sewing and craft accessible to all!”
→ Say It Aint Sew Edinburgh

⚫ The pop up shops are all a part of ‘Love from indie Street’, which is an online store where you can buy gift vouchers from over 60 of Edinburgh’s best independent retailers: items available at the event will include handmade candles, jewellery, art, clothes, handbags, artisan chocolate & more to come

⚫ Open air musical entertainment provided by
Hector’s House Edinburgh & Lezure