Epic Chalk Day

Epic Chalk Day is free fun and creativity for families and children of all ages. Held on sunny-Sundays approximately every second month (depending on the season), Epic Chalk Day is a pop-up event currently held at Inverleith Park with a pleasantly relaxed vibe.

 At Epic Chalk Day, you can try your hand at chalking on the main paths of the park, painting in the ‘Artzone’, jamming with our musicians in the ‘Musiczone’, or you can do your face up (or someone elses!) with the make-up provided at our Do-It-Yourself Facepainting’ station. A tea and coffee station is also set up to keep your creative energy flowing through the afternoon!
Regular activities include:
Painting/drawing @ the Artzone
Jamming with guitars and percussive instruments @ Musiczone
DIY Facepainting
Other occasional activites include:
Storytelling with Fergus
Kids Yoga and Dancing
Hoola Hoop display and activity
Juggling display and activity
Tightrope walking for kids
Have-a-go Stilt walking
We are open to other activity suggestions if you would like to see anything else at Epic Chalk Day. To get in contact with us you can email Paul Togneri at poltog@hotmail.com.
And for more information and up-to-date details of our next event, you can visit our parent page to Epic Chalk Day on facebook, EKOS:
Please bear in mind that although this is a free event, it is currently independently funded, so we rely heavily on the kindness of donations from the community during the event!